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Hi, I'm Joe Shoemaker and I'm an expert at transforming personal energy so my clients can make an incredible impact on the world. (No matter how big or small.)

My clients are driven to achieve success. They create kick-ass stuff. They live meaningful, multi-faceted lives. Often, they are empathic, energy sensitive and are intuitive. 

They give ALL of themselves in business and life, which in their 20's was fine. There was a natural re-set button then. Into their 30's, 40's and 50's they realize that they wake up and stay depleted all day, all week, all year. They are known to "push through" and expect more of themselves than their energy can handle. My clients have so much more impact to make on the world and are stuck at a crossroads with no clear way forward.

I meet my clients when they reach a critical point - when the choice to transform their energy is PARAMOUNT to their survival. So they can reclaim the fun in their lives. And, to reclaim their time. To give to themselves. They are finally asking for help.

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I also facilitate a mastermind and two types of immersion groups for men and women. More information to be posted soon.