I’m Joe Shoemaker, co-founder of Honeymaker Wellness, where we lead the healthcare revolution at work.

When I’m not leading corporate wellbeing initiatives, I have a thriving healing practice that helps you to return to your natural energy.

My clients are largely high performing executives who require the rest, recovery and rejuvenation needed to sustain high levels of energy.

Magic and More

My work is steeped in thousands-year-old energy practices ranging from foot reflexology to body energy, shamanic arts and more.

I’m also a mentor to top executives who understand that energy is everything. I teach them how to cultivate their personal energy to increase capacity and resiliency.

I work by referral and would love to learn more about you!

Foot Healing - Reflexology

If you are here because you heard that my reflexology work is powerful and poignant, you can request a session by clicking below.

Our first session will be a good introduction to my work and I’ll provide a deeper level of support thereafter.

On-Site Wellbeing for Corporations

Please click here to learn about restoring energy for your employees.