Rejuvenating Your Natural Energy

We work to revitalize your essential energy and vitality.

If you feel:

  • exasperated by taking on too much, even when you know you shouldn’t

  • sabotaged by old patterns and habits

  • unrested and hungry to return to yourself

  • spiritually curious

Then we may be a good fit together.

Rest and Recovery Awaits

Our work will score high on the “rest and recovery” scale. This type of re-set is the precursor to any sustainable change you wish to make.

Rest and Recovery feels like:

  • feeling lighter and less grippy

  • deeper sense of inner spaciousness

  • less worried about the worst possible outcome

  • more intuitive, like the voice inside of you is more clear

  • more active in ways that used to be stagnant

  • you feel more spiritual

You Can Experiment With Any of These Options

Private Mentorship, Monthly

On a custom basis.

We’re experts at helping successful executives to restore their energy and spiritual zest.

We do this through use of many ancient and modern energy arts such as reflexology, body energy, Ayurveda, Shamanism and Spiritual Mentorship.

Our work together is a partnership that honors and respects the unique path you’re weaving. When you find us you might be approaching or are within a major life transition. We often work with people on the brink of new chapter in their lives.

That could look like:

  • a complete career shift

  • a relationship that’s beginning or ending

  • a promotion at work

  • an injury that’s changed your life

  • fulfilling a lifelong a passion

  • a spiritual awakening

Having walked through the “fire” of completely changing our professions, we are especially suited as guides on the path to significant life change.

Foot Reflexology


Some clients need an immediate recharge.

Reflexology is an ancient hands-on art that immediately calms the nervous system, allowing for deeper healing to occur.

Many of my clients see me for reflexology as a way to:

  • create personal space to heal from a highly-charged week

  • release built up anxiety

  • supercharge their week with momentum and great energy

This is a restorative experience that feels incredible. The feet act as gateways to the ENTIRE body, which is why many clients say they feel like their whole body feels lighter, more grounded and centered.

New to foot reflexology? Imagine the best foot work of your life, an experience that could change your life.

Personal Ceremony To Restore Power

90 MINUTES $180

This an experience provided to you and several of your friends to imbue life back into you.

Clients that request these ceremonies often feeL like:

  • they are sick and can’t get over it

  • they don’t feel like themselves and haven’t in a while

  • they can’t catch a break

  • they’re going non-stop with no end in sight

This ceremony is curated and performed in a spiritual way, using many ancient tools and techniques to help restore your power.

On-Site Wellbeing for Corporations

Please click here to learn about restoring energy for your employees.