Hello, I'm Joe Shoemaker.

I'm an expert at re-energizing the lives and careers of depleted achievers.

My clients excel in their careers, businesses and lives. They are as motivated as anyone you've met and they take challenges personally.

YOU are impassioned by making an indelible impact in your career and relationships. 

You give 200% of yourself. 

And you risk burning out. You have much to accomplish and you know that your energy is your most valuable asset. 

You know it's time to protect and nourish that asset.

If this sounds like you, I invite you to a free coaching call with me.

I offer the experience of coaching with me in a free 60-minute Coaching Conversation. This is an excellent way to receive expert guidance in an unrushed format. This call is completely for you to get support for your life, your business or your dreams. 

“The work with Joe has truly been transformational. It’s a constant break from my usual operating space, and I am learning different techniques to stay centered and positive. Having this dedicated “me” time is so important to my health and well-being. Joe is able to really utilize the time we have together to teach me how I can do this work on my own. Just like a sport, creating positive energy and staying grounded takes practice and work. But with Joe’s help, I become stronger every day.” - Alison Tierney, Community Manager, Operations Expert and Mom