How would it feel to release the baggage you carry around?

How would your life change if you became so totally clear of negative charges that people constantly asked you what you're doing differently?

I am your bridge to feeling nourished.


If you feel any of the following we are a great match:

- you don't feel resourceful

- your inner dialogue is super negative and even threatening

- your body is sluggish

- your mind is cluttered and you're indecisive

- you know you have old patterns you need to break


- you are a top performer and you desire ongoing sustenance to fuel your primary energy

Sessions are designed specifically to:

  • Release your junk!
  • Successfully break through old patterns that cause emotional pain
  • Replace your outdated software
  • Provide a level of support, love and accountability rarely offered
  • Become savvy about the world so you can thrive in it


A recent client wrote:

"I felt so inspired since our last meeting and the home practices you gave me have been quite helpful! I've been creating more recipes for my blog, having fun and giving myself dedicated time to create. As you know, I didn't really ever give myself time because I was always in go-mode. Now, I actually crave this me time! I just feel that I'm in a better flow, overall." Alisa F. 

Sessions are incredibly safe. That means you get to explore the deep stuff without an ounce of judgment. 

Unique to my work is the underpinning of energy. I blend ancient and modern wisdoms to unleash your power and potential. 

Important disclaimer: belief in the mystical arts is necessary.