I’m Joe Shoemaker, CEO, Energy Healer, and Leadership Facilitator.

I help business executives and leaders walk in two worlds simultaneously - the world of business and the world of spiritual energy.

This merging of two distinct, unique worlds allows my clients, students and mastermind cohorts to finally feel free of the tiring drain of mental processing.

Instead, excelling professionals feel more trust, more security, more inspiration and more ease without having to muscle through decision making.

Real Life + Mystical Order

My work is steeped in thousands-year-old energy practices.

That means my clients and cohorts believe in the mystical order of this world - that there is a range of frequencies we can’t see that are at play, every step of the way.

We play in the realm of what we can see and what we cannot see so that we create a more fulfilling, compelling life. This work is incredibly fun and effective to achieve what once you though was impossible.