Energy Work Services

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Reflexology of The Feet

An enveloping, re-energizing experience for the busy, over-extended professional.

  • We start by soaking your feet in epsom salts and essential oils in a custom potted bowl (this feels really good)

  • You can choose from a vast selection of teas to sip as we usher you into calm

Then, I offer you 60 minutes of foot reflexology that:

  • calms and regulates the nervous system

  • rejuvenates your energy

  • improves blood flow and circulation

  • may induce a state of euphoria and spiritual epiphany

  • brings you back to life!

My intention in providing you a truly uplifting experience is to perfectly blend art and science.

Where intention and intuition merge and a fluid flow of motion helps your body to recalibrate in deeply restorative way.

I’ve worked on nearly 2,000 feet over the last 6 years and every time I’m in awe of the power and energetic shifts possible through reflexology.

You can schedule with us through Airbnb Experiences, which if new to you, is an amazing resource to find super fun, off-the-grid things to do in Portland and wherever you are staying.

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Reiki and Shamanic Arts


As a Certified Reiki Master and Certified Practitioner of the Shamanic Arts I offer clients the chance to delve into the invisible realms of energy to get back into their body and their power.

Through the ancient art of Reiki and Shamanic Arts we are able to invite energetic intrusions to the leave the body so clients can return to their normal selves.

You know a session is right for it:

  • you have suddenly and mysteriously started acting unlike yourself

  • you feel like there is something “attached” to you that’s not yours

  • you feel like you have a “block” inside of you

  • you feel low energy

Using hands-on and sound techniques you will feel spiritually nurtured, able to feel grounded and clear after your session.

Interested in my Spiritual Mastermind for Professionals?  Click here for more details