These irresistible companies nourish Workforce Energy:

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"My team experienced an overall, positive change in energy in the whole organization from one of busyness to one of calm. My team felt that receiving your work together made them feel closer to each other - everyone experienced it and everyone shared it in."

 - Paige Campbell, CEO, Grady Britton

At Workforce Energy We Replenish Executives Energy So They Can Sustain Top Performance.

We do this because we of this simple equation:

Career aspirations + workload + client demands + work travel + always on + family life + office life + rushed deadlines + rushed meals + limited self care time =


The result of energy depletion?

  • Lackluster work performance

  • Impaired problem solving

  • Objections to collaboration + lone wolf isolation

  • Taking too many sick days

  • A liability to the organization’s health

Organizations only thrive when their workforces are energized and revitalized.

That’s why we curate and create energy increasing wellbeing programs right in your office.

Our tenets are simple:

  • Support the wellbeing of the entire organizations immune system to sustain an environment of top notch performance

  • Support each individual in creating consistent vitality and energy

  • Empower progressively-minded organizations to care for employees bodies, minds and energy using unique, creative approaches

Our clients are both emerging and established “top workplaces” that emphasize these principles:

  • Rest and recovery - especially at work is necessary to top performance

  • Energy depletion is real and they do not support “pushing through” when clear signs of chronic pain or stress are present

  • Collaboration of staff increases when everyone participates in nourishing the organizations energy

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Joe Shoemaker protects, supports and nourishes energy for clients seeking breakthroughs. He does this work though a blend of energy techniques and transformational mentorship. He is a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner, certified Energy Medicine practitioner in both clinical and private practice.

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April Hansen, Registered Nurse and Certified Holistic Health Coach is a multi-faceted practitioner having spent 20 years as a trauma nurse. Today she is a Women's Health Coach using the principles of Ayurveda - the science behind Yoga - to offer clients deep nourishment so they can manage mood, hormones, stress and weight in a fun, easy-to-apply way. She is a skilled energy practitioner blending the disciplines of Reiki, Reflexology and Essential oils to comfort and support her clients. Her website is:

We travel throughout the country providing this work for progressive organizations whom know that nourishing executives is crucial in building a sustainable workplace. Interested in more information? Click below.