A bridge from where you are now to where you wish to be

A bridge from where you are now to where you wish to be

women's immersion class preparation

Begins Monday, April 9th  2018

Facilitated by Joe Shoemaker and April Hansen, RN


Hello and welcome to this dynamic women's immersion! The goal of this class/mastermind/sacred circle is to create a balance of masculine and feminine energies within you so you can catalyze your life and take small, incremental steps to achieve specific outcomes in a nurturing group setting.

Whether your dream is to transition into a new profession or industry, or to change a belief system, find more peace, release resistance or create a new perspective in life this group of women will help you get more powerful and strong than any obstacle in your way.

In preparation, we have a few considerations and action steps.



We'll be working with energy. You saying yes to this class means that you've already changed an energetic dynamic within you. Often, this means that you may experience a release of energy even before the class. That looks different for everyone. You may feel super happy. You may feel lethargic. You may have a conversation you've been meaning to have. Energy releases are different for everyone.

Our suggestion: feed yourself REALLY well. Avoid the foods that your body doesn't like. Eat soups and stews and easily digested food. This helps you to release with greater ease.

Also, you may start to notice synchronicities or other phenomena. That's great! 

Our suggestion: just notice what's different now. That's all.



Our address is: 5414 NE Everett St. Portland, OR 97213


Class will start promptly at 6:30pm. Please arrive a smidge early to get settled in. There is ample street parking and you can park in our driveway if there is a spot open.

Payment will be due the first day of class. $504 in cash or check made payable to Honeymaker Wellness is preferred. We can take credit cards if needed.

Please bring a journal and a pen. We suggest getting a brand new journal so you can start fresh. New Renaissance bookshop on 23rd Ave has a great selection of journals.

Please come with a full belly. We will not be serving dinner. But, we will have delicious snacks, tea and water. 



#1: Fill out this online "dosha" test and bring your results with you:


#2: Fill out this brief questionnaire

(it will automatically be sent to me after you hit "submit")

Thank you so much for joining us on this journey and see you this Monday!


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