“The work with Joe has truly been transformational. It’s a constant break from my usual operating space, and I am learning different techniques to stay centered and positive. Having this dedicated “me” time is so important to my health and well-being. Joe is able to really utilize the time we have together to teach me how I can do this work on my own. Just like a sport, creating positive energy and staying grounded takes practice and work. But with Joe’s help, I become stronger every day.” 

Alison Tierney


“Joe freely shares his healing energy. It just flows from such a well in his heart. I love his clean, unattached practices, too. He is truly there to support you in whatever way you are open to receiving. I always feel rejuvenated, soothed, positive and at peace after his treatments. I would highly recommend Joe to help you boost your self care.”

AmberJane Arquette


“I had to write to tell you that I woke up today with almost no pain. Not only that, but I woke up feeling happy and optimistic, which hasn’t been present for me for a few weeks now. I think the healing yesterday was an amazing success. Thank you so much. What a gift.”




“To say the Joe is excellent at his craft is an understatement. It all comes down to the person I find Joe to be. I trust him completely to always give me his best. Without saying much, he seems to sense my mood and focuses our sessions accordingly, to include picking out the right aromatherapy. So much of what I love is not tangible – things like the environment in which he works, his demeanor, his spirit – and he has a great, subtle sense of humor. I feel like I am his favorite client, one that he understands, enjoys and appreciates and the sessions encourage me to continue to strive to be my best self. I have to chuckle as it seems clear he makes everyone feel very special – and yet I will continue to believe I am his favorite. In this increasingly impersonal, negative world, that is such a gift.”

Nancy Sayles


“Joe is a very grounded practitioner whom is skillfully able to draw from multiple “sources” to provide you the best and most individually-specific treatment possible. He is very attuned to subtle changes and can make adjustments accordingly. He’s always “listening” for shifts that occur while he’s in session with you, so he knows where to focus his attention next. Joe opens the doorway to what needs to be addressed and does so in a thoughtful, safe and empowering way.”

Niene Pugliano


“Joe creates an awesome, relaxing atmosphere, like an appetizer for a tremendous experience that revitalizes your whole body. I am extremely confident in Joe’s professional abilities and gift for healing. Absolutely great session that I’d recommend to any and everyone.”

Celeste Viau-Navetta


“You tune right into vibe, Joe. I’ve had cleansing tears, healthy laughter and deep relaxation in your hands. I refer my people to you regularly. You see who is in front of you and that makes your work a gift.”