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Reflexology Class For Beginners!

Learn how to give a therapeutic foot session to your partner, parent or child in this dynamic, hands-on class for beginners!

Next Class: TBD, info coming soon.

Location: NE Portland near Mt. Tabor

Duration: 12pm - 3pm

Cost: $127

Class Details:

  • learn the 3,000-year-old art and science of foot reflexology

  • learn the “thumb walk” technique

  • empower yourself to learn a super useful way to reduce pain and boost energy

  • give sessions on different feet AND receive from students

You’re the right fit for this class if:

  • you are interested in energy work

  • you have always felt like you have good hands

  • you have a partner you want to nourish

  • you’re open to new experiences!

The Eventbrite will be posted soon.

If you are interested, contact me by email and I’ll reply within the day.

Thank you!