Joe Shoemaker is a Transformational Leadership Coach, having personally transformed hundreds of lives. He is on a quest to support, nourish and catalyze female leaders in a largely male dominated structure so they can lead us into a new era collaboration and harmony.


Strewn, harried and flustered, he met his 15-year career in marketing with a final ultimatum - either he change or go up in flames. He chose change. Responding to his own unmet needs for support and nurturing while on the job, he sought deep healing from a wide variety of energy practitioners. One such sage gave him what he calls "the most electric, transformative treatment" he'd ever received, setting him ablaze with new found career motivation. Within months of his first energy treatment he resigned from his job and began his training as coach, healer and transformer.


As a gifted coach and nourisher, Joe demystifies energy work for clients, making it practical and real world. Taking skills cultivated by bridging delicate client relationships in his corporate career, in addition to being an energy empath, he works privately with clients ready to let go the baggage that weighs them down. His full, immediate presence, coupled with his skill in working with the unconscious mind create huge opportunity for personal evolution for his clients.

Today, Joe's private coaching work is sought by purpose-driven female executives or entrepreneurs who are ready to command respect, earn as much or more than their male counterparts and to lead from a place of wholeness. 


Joe is a Certified NLP Practitioner, having studied with the international legend Dr. Matt James, President of the Empowerment Partnership, whom is the youngest ever certified master practitioner of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) trained directly by Tony Robbins!

Joe has also studied Shamanism and 21st Century Energy Medicine for three and a half years under direct supervision of international teacher, lecturer and founder of the Lightsong School of Shamanic Studies, Jan-Engles Smith.

Joe trained directly under Jessica Schaffer, TRE Trainer and Energy Master, learning Reiki, Shamanism and Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises.

He has also studied advanced Reflexology with internationally known educator and founder of the American Academy of Reflexology, Bill Flocco, whom published the first reflexology study of it's kind, see here.