The "Lion-El" Method

Today I introduce to you the "Lion-El" Method.

You start with a Lion and end with some Lionel. 

Let's have some fun!

Why Use This Technique?

  • You feel bottled up
  • You want to release it
  • You want to soften, like melted butter

When To Use This Technique: 

  • The morning before a long commute
  • The evening before a big day ahead
  • During the middle of the workday, when the shit is hitting the fan
  • When your lock yourself in the bathroom because your kids are screaming

How To Do It:

  1. Lion's Breath. 
    • Inhale deeply.
    • Open your mouth wide.
    • Stretch out your tongue and breath out of your mouth.
    • Like this
    • Do this no more than 5 times to start.
  2. Now, put your headphones in and listen to this Lionel Richie song.

In like a Lion, out like a Lionel.


Why I am The Scribe of Your Life

By the time I was 10 years old I amassed a stunning collection of over 1,000 baseball cards. My parents and grandparents gave packs of cards to me freely for all occasions and mostly because I was so excited to add to my collection. I loved knowing exactly which cards I needed to acquire in order to complete a certain deck or genre. I knew my cards so intimately that I, on sight, knew the statistics of that particular player. Let's say I was a knowledge keeper.

I spoke to a dear friend today whom inspired this post. He found it fascinating that over the nearly 30 years of friendship that I held the position of scribe and knowledge bearer and that this "keeper of records" might just come in handy one day. It already has.

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Every Spiritual Training Teaches This One Thing

"I have eyes in the back of my head," my mom would often say.

She just seemed to have this uncanny ability to know what I was up to - especially when I was pushing her limits. I couldn't fathom how she'd see me tinkering with something I shouldn't have been, or making dirty something she just cleaned.

"I'll tell you when you're older," she'd reply, assuming that I was too you and too immature to understand what "intuition" was.

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Why I Quit Corporate Only To Go Back to Heal It

I was at a Rat Dog show in Camden, NJ the summer of 1997, mere months before my college graduation. 

Seated next to me was blonde-haired Grateful Dead enthusiast with a bit of a depressive vibe to him. We were there hoping to enjoy the summer breeze under the amphitheater roof, graced with some uplifting music. 

What he turned to me and said was anything but uplifting.

"Stay away from getting a corporate job for as long as you can. It's incredibly stressful," he said, shaking his head in disarray. 

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I gave 46 executives energy healing in their office. What they said was remarkable.

In the last two weeks I've spent 5 total days on-site at two different corporations giving executives energy healing treatments. Here's why this is important.

At first, it's like I'm hired entertainment. I hear the faint whispers intrigue from employees. It's literally never that someone pops-up a zen sanctuary in the conference room to do healing work. 

Healing #1: I built a space for healing. And, people love it. 

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