Joe has helped me put myself back together. This “energy work” sounded airie fairie to me at first, but he has seriously changed my life and how I look at myself.
— Dr. Stacia Grominak, Texas

The work with Joe has truly been transformational. It’s a break from my usual operating space and I learning different techniques to stay centered and energized. Having this “me” time is so important to my health and well-being. With Joe’s help I become stronger every day.
— Alison S., Portland, Oregon

I always feel inspired by the sacred space you create for healing and the sense of peace that flows over me when I enter your sanctuary. What a deeply nourishing experience you provide.
— Lindsay, Portland, Oregon

Joe articulates so well his vision for the human connection that he builds through his work every day. Wonderfully insightful, his work is a welcome respite from my busy days.
— Martin, Dublin, Ireland

As a busy executive I feel welcomed and relieved just walking into your studio. Your sessions are life-affirming, energy moving experiences.
— Brandon, San Francisco, California

This man is magic! I had an incredible experience with your reflexology energy treatment yesterday. I literally felt like I was floating the rest of the day. Be forewarned - this experience is rejuvenating and stress relieving and you may walk away with a case of happy feet!
— Michael, Portland, Oregon

I come to zero-out. I deserve it.
— Lynette, Sisters, Oregon

Working with Joe has changed my life. Now I know exactly how to manage, improve and sustain my energy for the big work I came here to do.
— Janel, Portland, Oregon