Are You At least “Medium” On The Woo-Woo Scale?

Are you a professional who is spiritually curious or believes in “energy”?

Do you believe that your professional life could be enriched through a spiritual practice?

Are you interested in connecting with like minds in a group of energy-conscious professionals to create unique solutions unavailable to you before?

A Mastermind for Spiritual Professionals

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, we have created a very unique place for you!

This monthly mastermind is designed to co-create a heightened sense of spiritual strength to elevate your professional capacity, creativity and purpose.

Non-traditional, we blend the best of a traditional mastermind (collective intention, knowledge sharing and problem solving) with the essence of a workshop (learn/practice/apply) to set the foundation for your professional lives to be spiritually enhanced. Yes!

Imagine a room filled with incredible, big-hearted, sharp-minded professionals like you ready to give more power to your intuitive spirit mind, where problems can be solved far faster.

Everything Is Intention. Here Is Ours:

  • invite you - one of 8 excelling and energy-curious professionals - to cultivate a supportive, intimate experiential group ready to learn and apply the universal laws of energy to feel more personal power, spark greater creativity, inspire deeper spiritual connection and pre-create you most compelling future for your professional life

  • to learn how to walk in two worlds simultaneously - the professional world and the energy/spirit world - so you can hear and trust your intuition with greater ease

If you are already intrigued and want to learn more, let’s chat!

Group Experience and Participation Details

This is a unique mastermind that incorporates elements of a workshop so you can learn and practice in a dynamic setting.

Each meeting will feature:

  • a teaching (from many ancient techniques) that can be directly applied to your professional life

  • time for everyone to process current hurdles, blocks and binds

  • guest speakers from our community who’ve exhibited exceptional skills in areas of leadership, money management, running a successful business, excelling in a corporate team, changing careers, scaling, and more while embodying their attunement to the supernatural

  • total group support for any one person needing full, undivided attention from every member during a particularly challenging phase of business life

Topics - What We’ll Cover

  • Energetically attract a new career or opportunity

  • Break old energy contracts so old patterns unravel

  • Master the social game of business (the only game there is)

  • Learn to lead with compassion and heart

  • Create daily routines that focus on the only two ways we obtain energy - breathing and eating

  • Install practices of money and abundance flow from the ancient art of Vastu

  • Ritualize your professional life to feel grounded when other’s aren’t

  • Develop and apply intuitive techniques to influence positive business outcomes - without anyone needing to know!

This is a sample of the type of content that will assist you in walking in two worlds simultaneously. Much more to come!

Sound interesting to you?



We’ll meet in-person once every 4 weeks at a very comfortable location in Portland.

Each meeting will be 3 hours.

(Note: We will create a very warm, comforting environment that will inspire.)

You’ll also receive unlimited email correspondence and one 30-min support call with our facilitator, Joe Shoemaker, per month.


  • September 20, 2019

  • October 18, 2019

  • November 15, 2019

  • December 13, 2019

Our Venue is an amazing mid-century residence in NW Portland that perfect supports our group, both indoors and outdoors.

About Your Facilitator - Joe Shoemaker

Joe headshot.jpeg


I am Joe Shoemaker, creator and founder of this Portland-based Spiritual Mastermind.

In brief, I worked for 15 years in corporate America as a marketing agency Account Director until receiving a Reiki session that changed my life.

I was referred to a Reiki practitioner because my life was in energetic shambles. I knew I was working at a job that was unsustainable, but I was pushing through anyway. My insomnia was so bad that I couldn’t recognize myself in the mirror. And, I was still suffering the after effects of Lyme Disease, which bit me (literally) years ago. I had nothing to lose, so I tried this “reiki energy” thing.

That energy healer changed my life. The Reiki sessions and her incredible guidance, perspective-shifting questions and unconditional love helped me to overcome a significant block in moving forward with my career. And, just being in her presence and seeing the life she had woven, I knew nearly immediately that I wanted to create a life just like hers - in service to humanity as a guide, healer, mentor and source of spiritual wisdom.

I resigned from my job a mere 5 months later and embarked on a quest to unearth my true potential as a human.

Since then I have have studied the esoteric realms with great interest and reverence. I’m a Certified Reiki Master, a Certified Practitioner of The Shamanic Arts, a Certified Reflexologist and a Certified Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

I am currently CEO of Honeymaker Wellness, having co-founded a healing business with my wife that enables me to work in both private practice and within the corporate realms to help clients show up as their best selves.

My work as a facilitator and teacher is incredibly rewarding, having worked with many professionals who now, unabashedly walk in both spiritual and business worlds with greater ease.

I’ve founded this Spiritual Mastermind both as a request from my clients to dive deeper into themselves and as a request from some energy much bigger than me who dropped this entire premiss into my awareness one foggy Portland morning.

I can’t wait to be with you, nourish you and to grow with you!

Application Process

Our group is curated to be safe for everyone. We ensure that we represent many different industries, life stages and levels of current energetic practice.

You are the right fit for this group if:

  • you are business professional who wants to uplevel in a non-traditional way

  • you currently feel like you are a crossroads in your career or job, or that there is a professional hurdle in front of you

  • you believe in that energy is everything

  • you are ready to learn to work with energy concepts daily

  • you currently feel deprived of spiritual experience

  • you want to be seen, heard and supported without judgement

  • you seek guidance on your path of spiritual evolution

If this is you, click the link below to apply!

Monthly Cost

Your $306 monthly payment will cover:

  • Facilitation

  • Venue

  • Guest Speakers

  • Snacks

Your minimum 3-month commitment is required to ensure you receive a tangible benefit from this work.

That means I will give 100% of myself and we ask that you do the same for a minimum of 3 months.

The maximum benefit and shifting will occur the longer you stay in the group.

What Others Have Said:

“What a great exploration of myself and my gifts. As a result of this mastermind, I was able to let go of a draining job which, surprisingly, opened up a whole new door of opportunity for my consulting business. Joe is a wonderfully mindful, supportive leader who has our best intentions at heart.” ~ Alisa F

“Joe makes the hard things easier. I’m lucky to be on the receiving end of his wisdoms. I feel lighter in my business practice, like a darkness has cleared.” ~ Alison P.

“Facing some of the most intense adversity of my life in my career has been made so much easier because of how much I now nourish myself. This is the greatest gift I could have learned from Joe. ~ Janel H.


Feel free to email me here with any questions.

Thank you!