It's not about gender. 

It's about balancing feminine and masculine energies.

And I'm on a mission to nourish emerging and established female leaders into personal balance so they can help usher humanity into a new, era of compassionate leadership.


The old way is giving way. It's broken and it's on full display for us all to see.

No more should female leaders be disrespected.

No more should females in any industry, in any sector succumb to oppressive domination by imbalanced men.

No more should females reach for the unreachable - leadership positions largely gripped by men.



If you are a nurse, a school teacher, a mom, an executive, or an entrepreneur, you are a female doing the work of re-building how our society works together. It's inherent. 

You can't bear to stand idle while our ways of communicating close off. 

You can't bear to watch the dysfunction of teams create gossip, turmoil and unfriendly competition in your office.

You feel splintered and not fully put together.




You are ready to tap into an inner strength that you know is inside of you, but needs help becoming stronger and more accessible.

You are a leader by nature. Wherever you are right now. And you wish to command respect of everyone.

You know they way to establish collective harmony is through balance and you can only feel your own two feet on the ground with a tribe of support.

You are ready to earn the same or more than male counterparts.

You are ready to act on the dreams you have of leading even just one person (or millions) into their own inner authority.

You have a personal drive that's unshakeable.

You are ready to become whole. 




We've largely been sold on the idea that inner "work" is "hard." So, we just avoid it. 

Fortunately, I am here to help you through this process with an incredible level of masculine support. So it's not so hard. In fact, it's relieving.

I believe that a misalignment and misuse of masculine energy is the cause of so many of our society's problems. 

I also believe that emerging and established women leaders innately have both feminine and masculine energy that their male counterparts.

This is where our work begins - balance.

We cultivate your inner fire (masculine) and we merge it with your inner nurturer (feminine) and from here we:

- create unshakeable confidence in yourself no matter who's in the room

- cultivate respect for you by everyone

- give you your voice back and permission to use it

- ensure you never put yourself last again, even as a leader

- create self-sustaining habits to care for your body, mind and spirit as your #1 priority

- establish gateways to lifelong support from men and women




A working relationship is highly dynamic and collaborative. The inner and outer you will profoundly change, one insight at a time.

You may meet yourself for the very first time. You will become aware of the stories you were told and believe. And you will be inspired to change them. 

I am here to nourish this process so it feels fluid, natural and sustaining. 




Currently I offer a 6-month partnership.

We meet or talk twice per month for 2 hours.

The cost is $1500/mo.



I offer the experience of coaching with me in a free 60-minute Coaching Conversation. This is an excellent way to receive expert guidance in an unrushed format. This call is completely for you to get support for your life, your business or your dreams. 

“The work with Joe has truly been transformational. It’s a constant break from my usual operating space, and I am learning different techniques to stay centered and positive. Having this dedicated “me” time is so important to my health and well-being. Joe is able to really utilize the time we have together to teach me how I can do this work on my own. Just like a sport, creating positive energy and staying grounded takes practice and work. But with Joe’s help, I become stronger every day.” - Alison Tierney