A Workforce Energy Initiative  For


Crafted by Joe Shoemaker - Workforce Energy Specialist

Hello, Kerry! 

It's with great honor that I offer myself as Publitek Portland's wellbeing and workforce energy facilitator. 

My intention is to restore corporate employee's energy and power so they can maintain and sustain their top performance. When nourished employees exhibit phenomenal powers of collaboration, creativity, resiliency and intuition. 

In fact, the power of this increase of workforce energy draws employees closer, providing more meaningful and supportive work relationships. 

As Paige Campbell, CEO of Grady Britton said:

I think the most important thing that my team said they experienced was an overall change in energy in the organization from one of busyness and speed to one of calm. Someone told me specifically that they felt receiving reflexology together, over the three days you were here, made them feel closer to each other - everyone experienced it so everyone shared in it together. Very nice. :)

With that, I'd love to collaborate with you on a workforce energy plan that achieves these goals:

  • increases individual and office energy
  • propels more meaningful collaborations 
  • increases focus and motivation
  • supports natural, intuitive decision making
  • uplifts office mood


This proposal creates two pathways to achieve the desired results listed above. 

Pathway #1: Bespoke Reflexology for All

I am a tenured, passionate reflexologist offering my work to these corporations:


Reflexology of the feet is an ancient art and science that uses an acupressure-like technique to remove congestion from the body. As you know, this work feels incredible while creating inner balance, grounding and calm.

I bring this work to the comfort of your office. Here is what employees can anticipate:

  • In an unused office or quite space a zen sanctuary is created. I infused this space with aromatherapy and zen music for spa-like experience.
  • Then, each employee receives a 45-minute experiential reflexology session in a zero gravity chair
  • And, using an acupressure-like technique on the feet, stagnant energy will be circulated and complete rejuvenation of mind and body will ensue

Here is an excerpt of my work. This photo was taken at the HQ office of Kinesis, Inc. 

*I apologize that I cannot bring the fireplace pictured with me. 


Joe at Kinesis reflexology.jpg


I personally work on every employee for small firms. 

I provide reflexology for 5 employees per day when they receive 45-minute sessions. I will be onsite at your office for two full days if you have more than 5, but less than 11 employees. 

Setting up is a breeze. I need about 20 minutes to create a healing sanctuary. I then start working at around 11am or when timing is right for you. Employees sign up in advance using a shared Google Doc, they sign a waiver and simply arrive for their session at their scheduled time. I create a small buffer between each client to change over the room. 

Each employee will receive a follow up email from me addressing their specific area of concern or any findings that may be useful to their healing.


My single day rate is $1,053. 

In addition to bespoke reflexology, I also personally create a gift for each employee that will inspire, delight and promote further healing. I call it a "healing swag bag."


Pathway #2: Going Further - Self-Propelled Wellbeing

A compliment to reflexology, I offer a transformative "lunch and learn" wellbeing lecture that introduces employees to the life changing concepts of Ayurveda for self healing and maintenance. 

Ayurveda is "living in tune with nature" and focuses on these pillars for ultimate health and balance:

  • food
  • movement 
  • breathing 

This 45 minute lecture introduces employees to this 5,000 year old philosophy of medicine to:

  • mitigate digestive imbalance
  • improve energy
  • improve sleep
  • increase clarity
  • feel more balanced
  • lose weight
  • improve flexibility of mind

Employees will learn:

  • A 5,000 year old framework to create balance in their bodies and minds
  • How to identify their imbalance (i.e. is the body too hot or too cold, or is the mind too sharp or dull, is digestion sluggish or too rapid)
  • Easy remedies to create more balance

For example, an employee who is suffering from chronic headaches may have an imbalance that requires intake of more minerals. We may recommend an Ayurvedic Gatorade which is no more than a tepid glass of water with a pinch of pink salt and a squeeze of lime juice. This immediately restores magnesium, chloride and salt, which could mitigate the headache. This is one of thousands of easy-to-apply remedies.

This talk is intended to be interactive with a Q&A session to address specific concerns.

Why This Talk? Why Now?

Good questions! As a veteran of corporate offices I know how depleting client work, strategy, deadlines and budgets can be. Our nervous systems and adrenal glands are in "go-mode" from 7am until bed. Replenishing our bodies and restoring balance is essential if we are to perform at our best. I have personally found Ayurveda to be a phenomenal, easy-to-apply framework that has significantly improved my life and the lives of many of my clients. Corporate employees deserve to know this knowledge for lifelong wellbeing.

The exchange: 

My rate for this talk is $954.

Most of my corporate clients begin with reflexology to transform office energy. They then offer employees the wellbeing lecture to foster continued workforce energy. Pathway 1 and 2 are potent ways to sustain top performance.

I look forward to your questions! Please ask me anything. 

Thank you so much for the opportunity to present this proposal to you and I look forward to supporting you and your staff.

My best,

Joe Shoemaker