About Joe


Hello, I’m Joe Shoemaker, CEO, husband, guitarist, dahlia lover and tabby cat enthusiast.

I am an energy healer, group facilitator and professional mentor and consultant nourishing clients back to energetic prime.

I have a thriving private practice, catering primarily to executives that wish to clear patterns that drain energy. I do this both physically and energetically. I also facilitate larger scale wellbeing initiatives for corporations interested in improving employee health. Finally, I curate and facilitate a unique Spiritual Mastermind for professionals ready to walk in two worlds more easily (professional world and spiritual world.)

In between the magic workings of my life, I idolize Roger Federer, I’ve been playing guitar for almost 30 years, I cook Indian food insatiably at home and I’m married to April Hansen, RN, who is the most playfully spirited person I’ve ever met.

I’ve lived in Portland for close to 20 years, having set out on the highway westbound from suburban Philly where I grew up as a sports fanatic, hoagie slinger and cheesesteak connoisseur. I came to Portland to heal - and to learn how to heal others, although for many years I worked in the corporate marketing world before awakening to an undeniable spiritual energy inside of me.

I was perpetually ill, having been diagnosed with Lyme Disease mere months before moving to Portland. Intrepid, I sought out the skill of dozens of practitioners until one day I was turned on to wise, impeccable sage whom changed my life. She gave me Reiki which was my gateway to an intangible, yet incredibly real world of energy that rocked my world so much I resigned my job just two weeks after taking my first Reiki training class.

Since then I have been a student of and teach others the art of energy and living consciously with it. My life is such an incredible gift and I’m grateful to be a support pillar for the clients that find me.

Thank you so much for your interest in this profound, life-changing work.

My best,