The Urgency for Energy At Work

Organizations are enduring catastrophic exhaustion and energy depletion which erodes sustainable high performance of their employees.

WorkPlace Energy nourishes staff’s personal vitality by re-balancing their nervous system and releasing emotionally charged energy.

We respond to the urgent need for sustained energy.

And, we create remarkable transformations in:

Vitality: Feeling clear-minded and ready to perform.
Collaboration: Unifying people in a thriving ecosystem.
Personal Power: Unencumbered, grounded and centered in the body/mind.


Our Approach

We challenge traditional models of wellbeing by working directly, one-on-one and in small groups to transform employees body and mind so they physically experience renewal.

We do this through:

Foot Reflexology Energy: 3,000-year-old, transformative technique with origins in SE Asia that restores balance and improves energy in the body/mind.
Holistic Ayurveda Health Coaching: 5,000-year-old medical philosophy of India to restore balance through food, movement and breathing.

Our work is synergistic. Reflexology replenishes energy immediately and Ayurveda teaches clients how to live in balance.

Research - The Results

Numerous studies have been conducted on the efficacy of reflexology at work - largely in Europe where reflexology is more extensively used.

Study #1: Reflexology was proven to be effective in maintaining employees' health and performance.

Study #2: Reflexology could serve a useful purpose in the workplace to promote employee wellness and job satisfaction.

Our Clients

We’ve partnered with some of the world’s most progressively-minded companies to nourish employee vitality. Here are just a few of the organizations that recognize the urgency for energy:


What Clients Say

“Creating good headspace among the troops matters most. Having Joe and his Workplace Energy practitioners working on our team feeds this. Even my hardest-core advertising folks said they felt rejuvenated. The art of reflexology is eons old, but few practice it in the United States. We need to remind our people that we care about them by talking care of their energy.
— Lynette Xanders, Founder, Wild Alchemy

Our Team


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April Hansen, RN, Holistic Health Coach, Ayurvedic Consultant

April spent 21 years in hospital care as a registered nurse in the operating room, serving adults and pediatrics. She re-created her career as a reflexologist, essential oil expert and holistic health coach emphasizing the profound virtues of the 5,000-year-old medical philosophy of India, called Ayurveda. She is an amazing wealth of knowledge to help clients better navigate adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalance and chronic pain.

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Joe Shoemaker, Wellbeing Expert, Reflexologist

Joe’s tenure in the corporate realms fueled his desire to give corporate employees their vitality back. He, too, re-created his life after 13 years as an account director for a marketing and public relations firm, realizing his true calling as a wellbeing and energy expert. He has extensively studied reflexology, 21st energy medicine, NLP, and coaching to help clients to design a more energetic life.

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Sarah Marie Livings, Energy Medicine Expert

Sarah Marie is a lifelong expert of energy having intensely studied reflexology and 21st century medicine. She has gifted intuitive ability, in addition to stellar hands, making her sessions sublime and profound.

To discover how we may support your and your staff, contact us below. Thank you.