TAKE THE LEAP TO FREEDOM - An 8-Week Immersive Class



Hello, and thank you for your interest in this class!

My name is Joe Shoemaker and I teach high-achieving women how to take the biggest risk of their lives -  to become self-leaders of their own personal revolution.

I call it The Leap to Freedom.

You make ask "why is a man teaching women how to dream big and to take risks?" 

Good question. 

There are three distinct reasons:

- I was made to support feminine energy thanks to a strong, grounded upbringing by my mom.

- I've been in practice for 5 years supporting women's energy as a body worker, energy worker, mentor and coach and I want to give back in a bigger way

- Female leaders will pave the way for creating harmony in our society. More on this below.

But, first, here is my mom helping me to find balance. That is what powerful female leaders do. 

Joe and mom.jpeg

My mom epitomized strong personal leadership. It wasn't that she worked up to 3 jobs at a time to support me and my sister. And it wasn't that she bore the weight of being a single mom with little outside support. It was that through it all she was both reflective and decisive, nurturing and resolute, warm and determined. My mom was a strong female leader.

She was creative and determined, starting several small business while taking care of her family. She took action. She rested when she needed rejuvenation. She was a reader. She still is.

I learned about the power of feminine energy through her teachings. One such nugget of wisdom helped create a man of action. "when a woman asks you to do something she means 'right now!'" As a result I've never been lazy. In fact, my wife, after 12 years together, still marvels that I cook, clean, manage our finances and maintain our home with relative ease. 

I know that my mom was tired and stressed. She took jobs that pigeon-holed her into stereotypical roles. Yet she never gave in and she never gave up. She showed me what support looks like and it's my mission to return this favor to as many women as possible.

Let's face it. Women bear an unreasonable amount of frustration and anger. Their right to vote was only ratified in 1920. John F. Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act of 1963 to ensure women were paid the same amount as men for similar work. In theory it should be illegal to earn less than a man for the same work, but we all know the truth. And what about lifelong harrassment from men? This is a powerful time for the uprising of feminine energy. Women have had enough repression. It's their time. And we need them now.

These are among the countless reasons I advocate for women in such a big way.

Too, I've been so fortunate to study with, be mentored by and be nurtured by some phenomenal, big-hearted women whom helped me to become the most supportive, inspirational and love-giving man I could be. 

This class is inspired by all my women mentors - my mom, my sister, my teachers, my bosses, my guides, my counselors and coaches, my elders, and my wife. 

So, The Take The Leap To Freedom Class is for you - the working woman who knows you must act on your dreams now. This sounds challenging because you see two parts - one part of you is stuck. The other part of you is powerful, creative, and ready to act on a dream deep inside of you. And you need an unrivaled level of support taking a risk to make your dream happen. 

It's exactly what I had when I left my corporate career - which I had worked at for 13 years. It was a total risk to leave behind my salary, my benefits, my 401K and ultimately, my stability. But, within groups of female leadership and support my risk turned into a calling. And without making my own leap I wouldn't be free.

So! Let's get into the details.

This class is for achieving women who want to finally act on a dream through individual and group support. 

Here's what you will learn:

  • What unconscious conditioning and patterns are preventing you from feeling stuck
  • How to unravel that conditioning to accelerate your life goals
  • How to create life goals
  • How to create daily rituals that support taking action to achieve your dream
  • How to use Transformational Language to create the energy of flexibility in your life
  • How to take action with very deliberate, teeniest, tiniest little steps
  • How to celebrate each small little win
  • How to build a tribe of support around you 
  • How to ask for help without feeling guilty
  • How to receive help
  • How to track your progress 
  • How to use Energy to support your actions and dreams
  • How to eat to support your highest potential (using concepts of Ayurvedic Medicine)

8 women will be selected for this in-person class held in Portland, Oregon out of our super cozy and energized home. My wife will be joining and just wait until you hear HER story of triumph!

We'll meet 8 Monday's in a row starting January 22nd from 6:30 - 9pm.

Tuition is $315 to be paid in full at the first class (check or cash).

This class is a community of support as much as a forum for learning because:

- you receive direct coaching from me during the class to help become aware of your blocks, re-develop your beliefs, attune your thoughts and improve your energy language

- you will receive support from every member of the group in helping you to dream your dream into existence. This will be a beautiful community of like-minded people whom you can rely on for energetic support. 

- you'll get a glimpse into the energy of "the doshas" according to Ayurvedic Medicine thanks to my wife April. Our belief is that our human vessel requires high frequency, high prana food to support you highest potential and action. This segment of the class will give you a cursory look at your current states of imbalance using three animals as metaphors. Are you a hummingbird, tiger or elephant? Stay tuned!

The goal of this class is to uplift you and empower you. We need you strong to help lead us into our collective power and evolution. I'm here to help you do that.

If you are ready to leap into your own personal freedom simply fill out the form below. You will receive direct confirmation from me with important details following. Thank you!

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