We started with

      "I am chronically fatigued all the time."

We found

      This ailment dresses in disguise. The root cause is much bigger than it seems.

      Empowered, Kara started to discover how her fatigue had developed. She soon knew that,     somehow, somewhere she had lost her power in her primary relationship. Though finding it unloving, unsupportive and non-communicative, she stayed.

      She simply didn't know how to speak up as a partner.

      She had no boundaries; those she did build were easily toppled.

We dove

      Deep into her personal space. She was able to engage with the dignity and power of speaking - to herself and her partner. She created a new way to express herself, including what she needed from her partner.

      In the dive we worked to clear, using tools of energy medicine.

      We added foot reflexology to continue release through multiple layers.

      Plant extracts helped to further balance and clarify her deep emotions.

      Then we could delve into knowing what she really wanted, with newly-opened self respect and honesty.

And so,

      Kara has enjoyed and beautiful, essential unfolding. 

      With a new partner she shares honest communication.

      After stepping into a fundamental, "difficult" conversation with her parents, they now celebrate the "most amazing blessing" of coming back together as a family.

     Assessing her work life, she is moving toward her heart's desire: helping others to heal.




The first words were:

      "Energy work sounds interesting to me."

We learned

      That Amy was mournful and desperate.

      The weight of grief ruled her, years after a traumatic event.

We pinpointed

       Blocks that were holding her back, dragging her down.

             Her heart. The sympathizer. The control center

             Her lungs, where all of us process grief.

We coaxed the grief free.

      With energy medicine, we guided her body - her heart and lungs - to let go and reform with no blocks. 

      With aromatherapy, we guided her sense of smell - a gateway to memory - opening her to give and receive love.

      We replaced her grief with gratitude; she found a new voice.

      Old patterns of overlooking her own needs and vulnerabilities gave way to sweet respect and honoring herself.

      She found the way to her needs and desires, embraced and gave them voice.

And so,

      With dignity, she moved into a deeply loving relationship.

      She brought new energy to her work and began to enjoy it again.

      She free to explore her path. Gentle transformation had it's day.


Facing Uncertainty - Finding clarity


We began with:

      "I feel stuck and I don't know exactly why."

We floated

      To the source. Like a dam blocking the flow of water, her body felt distended, cramped and     sluggish. 

With patience we befriended

      her emotional turmoil. There she found much to say. 

      Able to swim deeper, we found constrictions blocking her vitality.

               With reflexology we quietly brought her own energy back to her. 

               With a tribal clearing technique we freed more energy - in an unexpected way.

      She felt renewed. She began to feel optimistic.

      She was able to let go of a draining relationship.

      She even cleaned out her closet.

She's feeling invigorated, enjoying a delightful sense of freedom.



I heard

      "I'm always having trouble with my balance."

We energized

      Her connection to the ground.

We broke

      The waves of congestion.

       Along her spine. The axis of our being.

       Along her ears. Where balance is activated.

We learned

      That using "reflex" points on the feet re-engaged her balance.

      And, that clearing an old story created new steadiness.


      She started walking with more comfort and assurance. 


      She said, "I've never felt this at ease on my feet."