The reviews are in. It's been a good run.


Joe is intuitive about his unique foot treatments. He takes time to know and understand his clients and their needs resulting in relaxation and relief!

~ Shelli Romero, Portland


I had no idea what reflexology was prior to going. Basically, I went in blind, but came out feeling so relaxed, detoxed and cared for from one of the kindest people I know. Joe knows toes.

- Tricia Sanguinetti, Los Angeles


I will boast that Joe's reflexology treatments are the best I have ever received. He is a very grounded practitioner who is skillfully able to draw from multiple 'sources' to provide you the best and most individually-specific treatment possible. He is very attuned to subtle changes and shifts within a client's body and will make adjustments accordingly i.e. he is always 'listening' for changes that occur as he's working on your feet, so he knows where to focus his attention next.

~ Niene Pugliano, Portland


Joe's calm presence & strong hands helps one relax instantly. Feeling safe & rejuvenated within minutes.

~ Tricia Kirkeby, Tasmania, Australia



To say the Joe is excellent at his craft is an understatement. I have not had reflexology on a regular basis until about 2 years ago. It is now a “luxury” I seemingly cannot do without. On occasion, before meeting Joe, I would visit other reflexologists, to include reflexologists that, in my estimation, were also quite good. Yet, no one comes close to Joe’s level of expertise. So much of what I love is not tangible – things like the environment in which he works, his demeanor, his spirit – and he has a great, subtle sense of humor. And last but not least, I feel like I am his favorite client, one that he understands, enjoys and appreciates and the sessions encourage me to continue to strive to be my best self. I know it seems silly to say that about seeing a reflexologist, as opposed to a mental health therapist, but that is truly how it makes me feel. After reading the statements from others, I had to chuckle as it seems clear he makes everyone feel very special – and yet I will continue to believe I am his favorite. In this increasingly impersonal, negative world, that is such a gift.

~ Nancy Sayles, Portland


"Reflexology is one of the easiest ways to rejuvenate yourself (akin to having a nap) and Joe is one of the best at it. His intuition and skill will bliss you out.

~ Lynette Xanders, Wild Alchemy, Portland


Joe freely shares his healing energy. It just flows from such a well in his heart <3 I love his clean, unattached practices too. He is truly there to support you in what ever way you are open to receiving. He is fun and personable, you might often feel like a friend of his or by the end of the session you will be.

~ AmberJane, Portland