"Receiving reflexology just re-arranged my whole deal," said a client of mine.

This is more than apt - it's a quintessential way to describe the feeling of reflexology.

I started as a reflexologist 4 years ago after a series of little birds landed on my shoulder and said, "you shall become a reflexologist." Seriously. I was given this practice by two separate people at the same time. Later I realized that with a last name like Shoemaker it was my destiny to work on feet. (Of course, I'm a transformational coach, as well, so it seems my destiny is multi-faceted.)

In very brief, I work on feet and because they are gateways to the entire body. By using a specific technique I'm able to address specific organs and systems of the body. Clients leave sessions in less pain, in better moods, and in more balance. In most cases people tell me they feel "more grounded."

You may have seen the classic foot chart maps like this one:



But it's more important to know why you'd consider receiving foot reflexology.

My 91-year-old client Silva sees me every two weeks. She comes because, as she says, "I need to keep tip-top shape!"

Another of my clients comes to see me because she is a flight attendant who's on her feet all the time. She tells me she gets her energy back and can breath better. 

I've worked on my wife now for 4 years. I can attest to the power of reflexology in reduce inflammation, PMS symptoms, cranky moods or a tight, stressed-out body. It works.

Here's a glimpse into a treatment, fire place not included. Although, wouldn't you love to work there?! 


Joe at Kinesis reflexology.jpg

Sessions are enveloping, cozy and warm. You're swaddled back into zero gravity as aromatherapy wafts gently around you. Ambient music pulls the whole scene together.

A session is 1 hour and it's preceded by a hot foot soak in a custom potted bowl like this:



The cost is $108 and sessions are held in my NE Portland Home Spa.

My wife is also a phenomenal reflexologist and we do accept couples and even up to 3 people at once, with advance notice. 

To book a session, contact me here.

See my Workforce Energy page for information on bringing my premium work to your corporate office. 

Looking foot forward,