On-site reflexology adds a new dynamic to the old chair massage.

I offer corporate clients 20-minute reflexology sessions to: 

  • relieve stress and anxiety, making employees more resilient

  • reduce pain and PMS symptoms, improving clarity and focus

  • relieve headaches and migraines, improving productivity

  • reduce sick days


I'm a specialist in improving productivity, efficiency and creativity through my on-site, mobile reflexology offering.

"I never thought reflexology would be for me, but I was so wrong! I'm now a regular client of Joe's and I brought him in to pamper our team. Joe now has many Kinesis, Inc. fans and we'll definitely be bringing him back!" ~ Alison Stiven, Operations Manager, Kinesis, Inc., Portland, Oregon

As a former corporate marketing executive I know exactly how the body responds to stress.

A Danish study proved that regular reflexology sessions significantly reduced absenteeism at work. 


Being tethered to a computer or phone. It goes to your head.

Reflexology was found to be effective for the relief of migraines. 


The experience of our reflexology is rewarding and renewing, and our clients are excited to offer their staff the profound benefits of reflexology.

I make it easy to unwind. I bring my practice to your office or event. 

Set up is 10-minutes. All I need is tired employees or event participants.