The "Lion-El" Method

Today I introduce to you the "Lion-El" Method.

You start with a Lion and end with some Lionel. 

Let's have some fun!

Why Use This Technique?

  • You feel bottled up
  • You want to release it
  • You want to soften, like melted butter

When To Use This Technique: 

  • The morning before a long commute
  • The evening before a big day ahead
  • During the middle of the workday, when the shit is hitting the fan
  • When your lock yourself in the bathroom because your kids are screaming

How To Do It:

  1. Lion's Breath. 
    • Inhale deeply.
    • Open your mouth wide.
    • Stretch out your tongue and breath out of your mouth.
    • Like this
    • Do this no more than 5 times to start.
  2. Now, put your headphones in and listen to this Lionel Richie song.

In like a Lion, out like a Lionel.