Why I am The Scribe of Your Life

By the time I was 10 years old I amassed a stunning collection of over 1,000 baseball cards. My parents and grandparents gave packs of cards to me freely for all occasions and mostly because I was so excited to add to my collection. I loved knowing exactly which cards I needed to acquire in order to complete a certain deck or genre. I knew my cards so intimately that I, on sight, knew the statistics of that particular player. Let's say I was a knowledge keeper.

I spoke to a dear friend today whom inspired this post. He found it fascinating that over the nearly 30 years of friendship that I held the position of scribe and knowledge bearer and that this "keeper of records" might just come in handy one day. It already has.

When my sister was a mere toddler, I could intimate her feelings and speak her sentences. I just knew what she was trying to express. Every time.

(Referring back to my last post, I obviously learned something from my mother's "eyes in the back of her head" skill.)

I so finely tuned myself to people, their movements, actions, behaviors and energy that I could read them like an open book. I often didn't share this information as some would've probably been too taken aback, but I silently referred to my energy sensing as a way to learn about human behavior.

In college, as my professor made sure we knew, I took the very last English class of my school tenure. "If you don't GET IT by now, you'll never get it," echoed through my soul. I got something, although perfect grammar wasn't it. Instead it was this amazing little story by Mark Twain, "Letters from the Earth," wherein he is an alien visiting Earth to relay back to his home planet the idiosyncrasies of the human, earthling race. 

I thought, "wow, I feel like I might be an alien journalist surveying earth!" as I read through the story. What else could explain my fascination with people's lives, motives and stories? There had to be a purpose for me in reading energy and being ultra sensitive to tone, inflection, body language and the general aroma of language. Mark Twain made sense of the insensible for me.

I continued "collecting" in many forms. From baseball cards, to human behaviors, then on to guitars and guitar equipment (I've had no less than 10 different guitars in my life, and at least 5 amplifiers). As I sophisticated myself I collected bottles of expensive Pinot Noir, which now I don't even drink. Through my expansion through spirituality I started collecting trainings, Reiki, Shamanism, NLP, Violet Flame, Ayurveda, Microchakras...and this list goes on indefinitely. 

Today, I curate all my collections, like a fine museum of life knowledge for the benefit of my clients seeking transformation. The power of my observative nature, my interest in storing and collecting information and bearing knowledge now is put to the best use possible - facilitating healing for people whom want to change. 

I am the scribe of your life because you may get so caught up in your own dramatic episodes, that you forget how much more vast and dynamic your life really is. I can open you up to remembering those expansive places you occupy, if you don't currently reside there. I collect your stories and your energies to reflect back something you've long known, yet forgotten: you are a being filled with possibility, booming with rich sound, rich in tone, and are a deeply rooted tree that's withstood storms of the century.