I gave 46 executives energy healing in their office. What they said was remarkable.

In the last two weeks I've spent 5 total days on-site at two different corporations giving executives energy healing treatments. Here's why this is important.

At first, it's like I'm hired entertainment. I hear the faint whispers intrigue from employees. It's literally never that someone pops-up a zen sanctuary in the conference room to do healing work. 

Healing #1: I built a space for healing. And, people love it. 

And, after I've re-arranged the room and created a warm, ambient and welcoming healing space in what was deemed "the most stressful room in our office," I welcome my first client. 

"I have no idea what this is, but it's exciting!" they giddily say.

I love this moment because the healing work I do for this first person at 10am on a Wednesday will have a cascade effect amongst the entire office for the next two-to-three days. 

On these five days I introduce foot reflexology as the gateway to energy work. One person in the first 26 people had ever had a reflexology treatment. It was completely new for everyone else.

Healing # 2: The first person becomes my social media ambassador. And, everyone pays attention.

The mornings go by in a flash. Every half hour I see a new client. In foot reflexology there is the potential for enormous release of dischordant or "stuck" energy. Yet, people leave surprised and relieved that they feel so grounded and light. 

Healing #3: They had a personal healing in just 30 minutes. Efficient healing.

When I take a break for lunch I review all my previous clients. I make notes about my observations, suggestions I might make for books to read or referrals I might make. I eat my home cooked meal to save time. 

And, then the afternoon sessions begin. This is some really juicy action.

I've already worked on 5 people. The office is buzzing. 

As one person said, "the impact you are making is real."

That's exactly why I'm doing this. Offices and their employees need to be nourished. So that there's a little softening, more good energy and more collaboration. When everyone talks about their session with me I've achieved my job. 

Healing #4: Collective energy improves when people start talking about their session with me.

I hear a lot of stories after my sessions that are very creative!

One person told me that she heard of someone claiming that I knew she was experiencing PMS symptoms. I actually had no idea. What I said was that a certain spot on the ankle relates to a woman's cycle. That spot was tender for her and she put two and two together.

Healing #5: People want you to be psychic. This gives them permission to explore their own intuition. (Executives especially need to tap into intuition because you simply cannot logic your way through a life filled with emotions.)

Some people tell me really powerful stories about their lives. About things they are facing, transitions, quests, dreams, and setbacks. This is what happens when they get comfortable, their nervous system gets regulated and I sit before them with zero judgment. 

Healing #5: I give reflexology to people so they can release. When they release they can breathe better. When they breathe they get more clear. Executives need clarity.

The afternoons are like this. They've eaten lunch, they've been in meetings, answered tons of emails and need to unleash what's coiled inside of them.

By 4:30pm I've reached my pinnacle of giving and the 10 people I saw for sessions are in a new realm. 

I review the day ahead and energetically reclaim myself so I leave whole. (This is extremely important for empathic people to call back to themselves any part that they gave away. Yes, I'm a functional empath.)

Now I did this 3 days last week at a marketing and PR firm in Portland. I called it my on-site residency. I'm still unpacking from just how incredible it was meeting so many amazing people. The depth of conversations, like hearing about someone's ailing sister, someone's lifelong struggle with dis-ease, yet another's excitement about travel and next life steps.

I received several hugs. "I feel like after that I should hug you!" 

Of course! We had great dialogue, I gave you my presence, I worked on your feet for the first time in your life. Yes! Go in for the hug!

Healing #6: I create space for people to be their genuine selves. Hugs and all.

When I packed up after 3 days I felt incredibly grateful for cultivating the energy of the team. But, I knew my work wasn't yet done as I would be on-site at a different corporation the following week. 

This was the week I was at a separate office in downtown Portland. The view of Mt Hood from the 9th floor was pristine. The weather was perfect for a view. 

With a level of predictibility, only one person at this office had ever received reflexology. Amazing! 

I was tucked into the well-appointed and cozy nap room and gave 20 executives sessions over two days. 

"That was magic."

"That feels amazing."

"I'm so glad I made it back in time. There's so much more to explore with you."

"It felt like I was surfing a wave. Definitely a beautiful feeling."

"We just don't prioritize self care," to which I said, "that why I'm here!"

"We need to figure out a way to loop this guy back in before next year!"

Statements like this abounded. It's remarkable to hear how transformative a 30-minute session with me can be. 

There's something about it happening in the office.

"I kept thinking, wait, where I am, should I answer the phone...then I said, no, it's okay you're at work getting a treatment. Relax."

I love that. It's so rare that we ever get down time in the place that creates some of the most potent anxiety. I'm anchoring in a different way to think about office life. One pair of feet at a time.



Joe Shoemaker is a Workforce Energy Nourisher, traveling to corporations around the country to cultivate and sustain an environment of top performance. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his nurturing wife and familiar cat, enjoying the old growth Doug Fir trees and Northern Flicker woodpeckers. His website is: shoemakerjoe.com