THE Human Potential Project:



Hello! I'm Joe Shoemaker and I ignite the liberators - the men and women in leadership who inspire, instill and create incredible experiences for their colleagues. 

It's my quest to nurture you into strong, resilient, candid, whole leaders who can lead from a place of energy and potential. 

And I'm here to give 42 women a powerfully deep coaching conversation as a taste of what masculine support feels like.

Enter The Human Potential Project.

The Human Potential Project is simply a powerfully transformative conversation between you and me. Either in person or over the phone.

This is a special invitation for 42 women and 42 amazing ideas to be birthed. I wish to give you the experience of tapping into the most potent part of yourselves - your power. These 42 conversations are an offering I've yearned to do for a year now and I am in love with the power that a conversation can create. So we both benefit!


More about The Human Potential Project: If you’re curious, please read on!


The Human Potential Project IS...

...A conversation providing insight into you and your true desires. Just like in my own life, a coach asked me the most important question I'd ever heard  - and my answer created a breakthrough moment that shifted my whole life. Our time on the phone together will allow you to really meet your true self and to see what hidden scripts or limiting beliefs may be running your show. Shining light on these little tricksters can create a massive shift in thinking and activation in your life.


...You feeling the emotions you want to experience. Designing your life - creating it in the exact way you wish - happens when you can feel it into existence. This isn't some woo-woo approach to life, this is neuroscience at work. Visualizing and then feeling the exact emotions you want to feel are the precursors to creating a fulfilling life.


...You cultivating self-appreciation. Imagine the feeling of being so rooted in yourself that you feel unshakeable. This is what happens when we drop self-deprecating language and instead focus on cultivating appreciation for ourselves. It feels good to us and you become radiant to others. (This is what happened to me when I let go of feeling "too sensitive." Now my sensitivity is such an asset!)


...You breaking through (to the other side). It's ok if you don't get The Doors reference! Your life is 100% the energy you give to it. This isn't about giving even more energy out, it's about really focusing on what results you want for yourself.


...You giving power to your purpose. We are in the Energy Era. This is your time to learn to use energy to fulfill the very powerful reason you came into a human form - your purpose. When you live purposefully you can create magnificent opportunities for self healing. This is a way to ignite your dreams through the process of coaching.

The Human Potential Project Is Not: advice line. Good coaching is designed to ask deep, reflective questions that allow you to tap into your inner resourcefulness. This a conversation that asks you where you are, where you wish to be and what is standing in front of your dreams so you can take a new action forward.


What to expect: Project Details

  1. There are only 42 spots. That is it. No waitlist. This experience is first come, first serve. If you hesitate then this is NOT for you.

  2. The project runs January 8 - March 30.

  3. Each conversation is 60 minutes held over the phone. Each call will be recorded. Listen back as often as you wish.

  4. Our call may challenge you. It may get emotional and that is completely ok. Unlocking energy will help you move forward. You will feel supported!

  5. Your session will be confidential. The only agenda is your success.

  6. The coaching conversation is free and without obligation.

  7. You will walk away from this call with two specific takeaways: what you really wish to feel in you life and what is holding you back from delving in.

How to Be Part of the Human Potential Project

1. Select your day and time here.

2. Fill in the short questionnaire that I'll email to you.

3. Call in to the number provided on your selected day and time. 

4. Be on time!


Stay tuned!

These 42 conversations will pave the way for another exciting offer. I'll be hand-selecting 7 people for a 90-day transformative coaching experience. I am specifically seeking inspiring people whom want create powerful, impassioned action in their lives.


Together we will embark on a discovery journey to your true mission in life giving you the power you need to make it all happen fluidly.


Please forward this email to passionate people in your network seeking a transformation. I'd be honored to have them as part of The Human Potential Project.

Thank you!

Joe Shoemaker, Transformational Leadership Coach for Women