Joe Shoemaker Reflexology

My DNA suggests that feet are my life's work. With a last name like Shoemaker, it's easy to see why. 

Sometimes everything we seek is right in front of us. My name foretold of some foot future. 

As of today, I have given reflexology to over 900 pairs of feet. 

For many, a common thread exists: they feel ungrounded in their body.

People feel taxed and burdened.

They come to me for relief. 

Unbeknownst to me at first, I am a bridge to help people come back into their body, to feel more grounded and connected to the earth and themselves.

Because, being grounded means that your nervous system is calmed. You are not ruled simply by your racing thoughts. Decisions can be made with greater ease. Life can feel more steady and less of a sweeping tide.

"Coming back to earth" has taken on new meaning in my practice.

This is experienced, often, as a cathartic release of energy. It's a "clearing" if you will. 

To boot (pun intended), reflexology feels so good. Like, oh so good. 

I profoundly love this body of work and giving it to people who need it most. 

I look forward helping you get back into YOUR body!








Beautiful Portland, Oregon

and beyond



Convenient and flexible for you. (11am-7pm)