When I was 6 years old in first grade, I had an out of body experience. As I was sitting at a table doing schoolwork I suddenly realized I was watching myself from the top corner of the room. This didn't frighten me. And, I never forgot. 

When I was 10 years old I showed my mom how to massage someone's back by moving "energy" around in circles away from the heart. I have no idea where I got this information.

By 15, after a stint in a church whom renounced my interest or involvement in playing guitar, I started working at a bakery. It's only significant because it was here that my colleagues taught me about homosexuality, drug abuse, HIV, mental and emotional turmoil, jail, fisticuffs, cheating, lying, stealing and death. I witnessed every single of these life-altering aspects and it broke me open to a very harsh reality. 

At 22 I started dating a massage therapist and she taught me all the strokes. I thought for sure that I'd become a bodyworker and I remember reveling in the relief of finding my career path. I never went to massage school. Life had many other teachings.

In 2000, at the age of 25 I moved to Portland, Oregon from outside of Philadelphia. This step change the fate of my existence, as I would later see as reality-bending indoctrination into the esoteric arts. I needed such teachings because I arrived fresh off of Lyme's Disease, which took me another 10 years to solve.

A little iMac in the window was all I needed to know I wanted to work for the first company I interviewed with in Portland. I'd wind up staying there for many, many years, cultivating my skill in being of service. Never satisfied and always colicky, I sought umpteen treatments to solve my insomnia, my gut issues, my cartilege tears and my emotional outlook. Upon one meeting, the front desk person at a naturopath's office - my first encounter with a Mystic - told me to see a woman named Jessica for "energy work." This step changed my life. 

I saw Jessica frequently for months for Reiki. The feeling of support, of love, of electric charge literally changed my body, my emotions and my face. I started recognizing myself again. When I learned Reiki (called an Initiation or Attunement), it was such a powerful event that I resigned from my job two weeks later. 

What happened next was a series of amazing synchronicities. I had finally stepped on to the path always meant to be tread.

Reflexology landed in my hands. It sought me and it was so incredibly easy for me, like I had done it my whole life. My wife schedule the training, which we took together, and a Reflexology spa owner essential granted me a job once I had the credentials. For several years I worked on a thousand pair of feet. I used to say that with a last name like Shoemaker it is my destiny to work on feet. And, a few other things...

I was then taken with essential oils. I shouted from the rooftops about their effectiveness in helping me get off of a horrible sleeping medication. I spent considerable time learning, teaching and distributing.

Then one day a friend asked me if I did "space clearings." I didn't, but I wanted to. So I bought Denise Linn's "Sacred Space" and I read every page about moving out unwanted energy and imbuing a room or home with good energy. Knowing nothing about the spiritual context (or the potential dangers), I did the space clearing. I was advised by mentors to ensure my protection and to build my tool set by attending Core Shamanism classes. The puzzle pieces continued falling into place and I immediately started class at Lightsong School of Shamanic Studies. 

Shamanism has opened me to my greatest possibility - that my life is limitless. This is a far cry from the emotional fragile, deeply competitive, straight A perfectionist that I used to be. A girlfriend once called me "Black or White." That really irked me. Now I am an abstract painting and paint is splattered everywhere! What a relief it is to finally come into contact with the real part of myself that knows no bounds. 

As a result, my psychic abilities dramatically increased. I always had predictive dreams, but there is such greater clarity of "seeing" now. I've studied Medical Intuition as a result, because, ultimately I want to facilitate healing at the deepest level.

With deep work into the psychology of the mind, combined with my work in the unseen, "non-ordinary" realms, I now work to help people get their Energy and Power back. 

My clients frequently tell me that their lives have shifted because of our work together. Just today I heard that our work in breaking patterns of self neglect, by clearing old energy and limiting beliefs has empowered her to re-engage with her blog, to make new recipes and to take her momentum forward. I live for these shifts in my clients.

More specifically, I learn and adapt new and ancient techniques of clearing and moving energy from Shamans and Tribal Elders. From gifted teachers in the fields of neuro-linguistics and interpersonal transformation. And, from the elements of the natural world. Ever curious, I am constantly learning from as many traditions as I can.

In practice,  clients seem me in a series of sessions to receive deeply realigning energy clearing work, in addition to learning how to regulate the nervous system. Nothing - and I mean that - can heal if your nervous system is de-regulated. If you're super stressed, drinking caffeine, had a hard childhood or relationship and have had emotional or physical turmoil in your life - it mounts. And, your nervous system is on overload. I can't begin to tell you how much chocolate I used to eat to try to cope with my stress...

Once we de-tune you, there are a plethora of different healing modalities to draw from to SHIFT YOUR ENERGY and to RECLAIM YOUR POWER.

  • Energy Medicine (such as Reiki, Shamanism and Tribal Ceremony)
  • Hand, Ear and Foot Reflexology
  • Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises
  • Neuro-linguistic Programming
  • Aromatherapy
  • Sound Healing

Sessions allow you to:

  • Re-energize
  • Feel Balance
  • Shift Negative Energy
  • Clear Negative Charges
  • Create Positive Momentum Forward
  • Create a home practice that's sustainable
  • Inspire Yourself and Others into Action

It’s within me, from the deepest, aching of places, that I strive to help humanity find balance in an increasingly imbalanced planet. 

If you're ready to get your energy and power back, let's talk.