After lunch I was seated with several other first graders at the reading table. In a flash I had gone from sitting in my chair to floating in the corner of the room, looking down on myself. 

I had an out of body experience. 

Not threatened or spooked, I just went on with my day, not even mentioning it to my mom. It just seemed super natural. 

At that time, it probably was. I had a whole crew of imaginary friends, had deja vu's regularly, and had the same, recurring dream for over 8 years. (In the dream two huge boulders, suspended in mid-air swayed and slid by each other. Yep, that was the entire dream.)

For the most part life was mostly introverted, empathic and sensitive for this redheaded carrot top.

Years later, as the path seemed to take a wicked turn, I would become another in the long, disruptive lineage of Lyme Disease patients. The red, inflamed, itchy blotch on my thigh the telltale sign of the dreaded infection. This moment in my life changed everything - my trajectory, my curiosity, my destiny. Just a month after finishing the most harsh, sickening rounds of antibiotics doctors could muster I moved to Portland. Little did I know that I ended up in a healing mecca and that I would become part of the tribe. 

My health never fully regained it's agile luster. Chronic pain defined my days. My immunity weak, my spirit struggled to maintain inspiration. 

Until one defining day, when I met an energy worker named Jessica. It happened to be the most transcendental experience I'd had since having an out of body experience. NOW I WAS LISTENING. Reiki saved my life.

In fact, taken with the power of energy work, I took the level 1 training. 

Two weeks later I cavorted on the floor of the bedroom agonizing over a job too hard for me to continue when I decided - I'm resigning. And, I'm creating the life I want to live. I want to be like Jessica. I want to heal people.

You've heard that when you make a shift - and you have a breakthrough - that the floodgates open in such a powerful way. Ideas and concepts and people that seemed like a distant dream suddenly knock on your door with ease. That's what happened to me. 

I had been prepared - through my life's journey - to become a healer.

Copious amount of information about healing barraged my life. I took as many trainings as I could mentally handle. It was mere months and I was already practicing energy work and reflexology. I had access to hundreds and hundreds of people at a wellness spa in which I started working. There I began creating the unique blend of personal, emotional, spiritual work that I would later hone in private and corporate practice. 

Today, my work is unlike anything even I've experienced. It's this medley of songs - of spirit, of mind, of body - that create an amazing, visceral experience, unleashing people's true potential and gifts, while releasing the gunk that leads to burnout.

My private practice is perfect for people aching to break out of obstacle-riddled patterns, deepen their connection to spirit and live with purposeful energy.

My corporate work brings healing into offices on-site where employees get to power back up after giving so much of themselves away.

It's an incredible journey and with great gratitude, I am here for you.

When I'm not seeing clients I'm cooking up a storm! Usually Indian food. I'm also probably playing and even teaching a little guitar. Yoga, pranayama, ho'oponono ceremony, and meditating help me to balance my own inner fire. I'm married to an amazing healer and my cat is my familiar. Life is sweet for certain.